10 Countries that can’t stand over severe crisis

10 Countries that can’t stand over severe crisis

A crisis can be in any form, natural, economical, political or social. But a state that is on solid grounds will be able to come out of it with a few struggles. An analysis of the demographics has determined some countries to be extremely vulnerable to any kind of crisis. They are mostly on the verge of a doom towards a sudden or gradual decline. Here we have put down a list of such countries based on the population rate and political condition.

  1. Japan

Over the last two decades, Japan has been in a slouching state, and there have been several struggles to bring Japan out of it. But according to projected situation for the coming years, the condition will probably get worse. One of the reason is attributed to its very low birth rate and according to current records, it has the world’s lowest birth rate. The age of the majority of the population is also high with a good lot of old citizens. The current median age is about 45, and this will rise to about 55 with increased recovery measures. The GDP of the country is $5049 Billion

  1. China

China is the largest exporter of goods to every nook and corner of the world. Yet, it remains a developing economy. The reason can be attributed to its current population that stands at 1.38 billion. It has been increasing steadily at a rate of about 0.45% per year. By the year 2040, the population would have increased by 7.5%. The country also has a massive percentage of older citizens and according to reports, the government will have a tough time paying the pensions of the senior citizens. With such a huge population, there are lesser jobs available, but if the economic situation keeps rising, it won’t become a major concern unless an untimely crisis hits the country.

  1. Russia

Russia is also a developing country was had a reasonable economic situation in the last decade. But taking a look at the declining birth rate, it has been predicted that the economy is on the verge of a steep fall. At the current state, immigrants are occupying most of the job vacancies and in the years to come, there will be an immense necessity to bring in more immigrants to fill in the spaces. With the steady increase in death rate due to alcohol and smoking addiction, the country may yet be saved from the troubles of massive pension amounts.

  1. South Korea

South Korea had faced some truly worse situations in the past. But it had recovered considerably, the ever decreasing birth rate and an increase in the old population will create the doom for the country. North Korea has made considerable development on birth rate and overall economic condition, and this will create an imbalance in economies on the island.

  1. Ukraine

Even though taking Ukraine as the most affected, demographic crisis is hitting almost the whole of Eastern Europe taking it in its wave. The population decline in Ukraine was a matter of note among all developing countries. The Ex-president Viktor Yushchenko had made a bold statement when he said that the population would be halved by 2050.

  1. Saudi Arabia

The oil reserves of the world have been making Saudi richer every day. But the exponential population growth has become a matter of concern for the future of Saudi. Almost all citizens of Saudi Arabia have a hefty paycheck with a reputed position in a sponsored company, without nothing much to do. But yet, there is a limit to it. The government is trying to look into other venues other than petroleum.

  1. Egypt

Egypt is one of those countries which has a high birth rate with the graph that projects that it would hike to about 32% by 2040. With such an increase in population and a low GDP, the country is struggling to maintain the balance. There is already a major situation of unemployment, diseases, and pollution that is hunting the country. With a major portion being covered by desert, the population density is double that of Bangladesh

  1. Pakistan

With a debt of about $250 per citizen, the country is evaluated to cross its internal debts to beyond $73 billion in a mere time of 5 years. It is the fourth most populated countries of the world. With such an alarming increase in population, there are no proper educational facilities or employment options which are plunging the country into further darkness. Due to its economic and political situation, the country has been largely dependent on charity from other nations. In the face of a crisis, the economy would break down completely as it is literally surviving due to the helping countries.

  1. Argentina

Argentina has been facing bad times recently with the trade deficit of $3 billion last year. Overseeing the incoming crisis, General Motors reduced its automobile release in Argentina. Major business giants like the Citigroup also sold its retail units in the country. Even though the new President Macri has taken up the challenge to revive Argentina, any crisis that hits the country in its current state will be rather devastating. US court has lifted the injunction that was imposed on Argentina due to its debts of about $150 billion. The expected growth rate for this year is about 9% with the new rules, but the debt default still sinks it further.

  1. Venezuela

In the present situation, Venezuela is facing its worst times. The country is one of the most prominent oil reserves in South America, but the majority of the population are starving. Hunger has made humans into animals leading them to raid supermarkets. The atrocious condition has lead the government to declare an emergency situation. Food and even the bare necessities are rationed under armed force. The growth rate has been falling by 8%, and it is a drastic one. The internal political system is also breaking with the opposition demanding the current government to step down. Increasing unemployment and inflation rate will worsen the situation in the coming years