10 Smartest Animals That You May Didn’t Know

10 Smartest Animals That You May Didn’t Know

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Today, we have known if there are some clever animals and able to help people in doing the activities. Along with the evolution of the universe, the animals have experienced various forms of adaptation. That is why there is also a smart animal that has a high intelligence. Animals also have a good brain. Here are 10 animals that are considered as the most intelligent animals in the world:

  1. Chimpanzees

This animal has a way of communicating and good problem solving skills. Body language used by chimpanzees can be applied to communicate efficiently. These types of primates can combine different symbols and create a language to communicate with other. Chimpanzees are organized enough in activities that they do. They are able to prepare the tools once used for hunting. Chimpanzees show behavioral traits possession, invasions, etc. The social hierarchy is important for chimpanzees. The urge to move to the top of the social hierarchy is also found in these animals.

  1. Dolphins

This is a smart animal in the water. This species lives in warm waters worldwide and is the most intelligent species. They have wonderful brain for abstract information processing, social communication, and problem solving. Advanced communication technique is used by dolphins. In addition to communicate efficiently, dolphins are also an efficient hunter for being able to organize groups to trap maker for prey. Dolphins can follow the instructions given by humans. They use echolocation to hunt and whistle to communicate with one another. They are also able to solve puzzles and work in teams with other dolphins.

  1. Elephant

They can remember the exact location of the watering hole and eating, though not visited for years. An elephant’s brain is the largest brain of all land animals. Elephants have exceptional hearing. They communicate by shouting, roaring like a trumpet call, and can even send sound remotely using the land intercession. Elephants can record a variety of manners including actions associated with grief, making music, love, play, and the like. Elephants have a sharp memory which is used to recall their migration path. Elephants grieve if any of their friends who died, even considering the location of his death.

  1. Rhesus monkeys

This animal is one of the smartest animals and has a highly developed brain. Rhesus monkeys are known to be intelligent and therefore have been widely used in biological and medical research. It is because they have great memory, ability to learn, and make their own decisions. They use very expressive face and can be understood by humans. They have a detailed system of vocal similarities with human communication. Monkey is able to take decisions, has a good memory, and learning new things. They are also social animals who can plan actions together.

  1. Border Collie dog

These dogs are even used by humans to herd the cattle. Herding cattle is quite difficult for some people. In herding cattle, it is often arising problems that sometimes is unpredictable. Remarkably, Border collie dog is always able to solve the complex problems that arise and being able to learn quickly. In addition to herding, dog Border collie is also often used for tracking and assistance in natural disasters that are difficult to track with technology. Sense of smell and intuition is remarkable animals, so it is very useful for humans.

  1. Crow

Crow is regarded as the smartest animal of all birds. Intelligence of crows is mainly seen in the activity of finding food and avoiding predators. These creatures are also capable of calculating, distinguishing shapes, and using various tools. Contrary to a large number of animals and species facing extinction, crow actually proliferates across the globe, with the minor exception of the Arctic and the tip of South America. However, although they are proved to be smart in many ways, formally scientists say they are no smarter than humans. However, many crows multiply their ability to adapt quickly and the ability to live in urban areas. And who knows, one day they may be on top of us.

  1. Ants

Regardless of their size, ants have amazing skills. Unlike us humans, ants have also learned super ways to efficiently manage their traffic. Ants are known for their social behavior and tidiness organization. This insect intelligence is best described as a strategic and methodical. Ants are known to have a territorial nature. Ants will not tolerate intruders entering their territory. In the process of protecting the area or when hunt, ants know how to share responsibilities and delegating work. In addition to intelligent and organizing, ants are also physically strong. They are capable of carrying the load 20 times their weight. This allows them to jump very high for its size.

  1. The African Grey Parrot

This bird can imitate the human voice and communicate through a variety of calls. They are not only able to mimic human speech, but also imitate other voices. Scientists studying this cockatoo say that this type of cockatoo is smartest in the world, even called the most intelligent birds in the world. If the other cockatoos are generally only able to imitate the human voice, the African gray cockatoo can also answer the questions posed to him, though require training first. Cockatoo can recognize dozens of questions that contain words from simple to fairly complex, recognizing dozens of kinds of colors, various shapes, and numerical values presented to them.

  1. North Pacific Giant Octopus

These creatures live in the depths of the sea. All kinds of squid are known to have exceptional intellectual abilities. This creature is one of the most intelligent invertebrates. North Pacific giant octopus belongs to the class of mollusks with cephalopod family. The problem solving and observational learning is found possessed of this octopus. The ability of short and long term memory is also found in mollusks. Incognito and the ability to imitate is an important quality possessed by North Pacific Giant Octopus. They have a remarkable observation in problem solving. Octopuses have very large nervous systems, but only partially found in their brains.

  1. Whales

Whale is marine mammalian. This is one of the most intelligent animals in the world. In the colony, they are smart to coordinate and communicate with their friends so their goals can be achieved. Whales are social beings with the ability to communicate over long distances. The social nature of the whale can be observed during activities such as hunting. The whole is a very good team player and together they are able to carry out a specific strategy accurately. Emotions such as grief are shown by the whales, for example in the case of their dead family members.

We cannot ignore the fact that the animal is indeed intelligent beings and have the ability to do simple things that require thinking process. Animals are not like human beings by reason, but animal also has the intelligence to be able to carry out his life. This intelligence is sometimes considered to be almost similar to humans. Scientists believe such animals could be developed.




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