Top 10 Famous Who Have Converted to Islam

Top 10 Famous Who Have Converted to Islam

Top 10 Famous Who Have Converted to Islam

Days by days, everything comes more democratic. We should not have become to particular thing we don’t like or believe. We just do what we think that it’s good for us. It’s about tolerance. It happens on what you have to do on what you believe too like religion. You can be Buddhist, you can be Christians, or you can be atheist. With more freedom, now everyone feels free to choose their belief. Islam is one of the biggest religion in the world, and now it’s been fast growing religion in America since 9/11 tragedy. There are more than a thousand mosques built in last 10 years. More than 12 million people have converted to Islam in that decade too. We may call it phenomena but for some people it may sound too much. However, since there have been millions people converting to Islam, what makes people wonder is when it happened to celebrities or notable people. There are more than hundred notable people that had converted to Islam but not all of them are on the top list. So here we have the list of top 10 famous who have converted to Islam.  Indeed, they are notable but probably not all or at least most of people know since not all of them are on top.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali converted to islam

Who doesn’t know this legendary boxer? There is no boxers as legendary as Muhammad Ali. He was noted as world champion and Olympic gold medalist. He was born as Christians. His will to convert his belief is when he met Malcolm X that introduced him Islam’s side. Meanwhile, Malcolm X is one of the most influencing people toward condition of African Americans. He started knowing it at age of 20 and in 2005, he converted to Islam.

Ar Rahman

Ar Rahman converted to islam

In some people, he may not be famous but this talented music producer is one of notable people that have been knocking Hollywood door through his Indian Music. He won nomination in Oscar for his song in box office movie called Slam dog Millionaire. He was born in Hindu family but he was inspired by the living of his mother that is a Muslim. When he met Qadiri Islam and it was in the same time when his little sister fell sick, he was inspired by the beautiful values and ideals of Islam then he converted to Islam.

Mike Tyson

mike-tyson converted to islam

Mike Tyson is also on list of top famous figure who have converted to Islam. It happened when he was in jail due to rape issue. Not many people recognize the conversion until he tweeted the picture of him in front of Kaaba in Mecca. It was admitted that he was doing Umrah.

Kareem Abdul Jabar

Kareem Abdul Jabar converted to islam

Known as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr, Kareem is one of top player of NBA. It started when he followed the line of his ancestor. He also found the story of Muslim heritage. When he was following and tracing the line, he found that the ancestor’s religion of his is Islam. Soon he also changed his name into Kareem Abdul Jabbar. However, he is still playing basket ball and still people remember about it.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson converted to islam

She is the sister of the most legendary singer, Michael Jackson. She is also a singer. She converted to Islam to be able to marry Wissam Al Mana, a billionaire entrepreneur from Qatar. In 2013, they married and Janet Jackson decided to stop for a while from music industry to avoid antagonistic and glories life of the music industry. She also needed privacy space from paparazzi. Although, it’s said that Janet stopped from music. She comes back finally with a new album.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle converted to islam

In comedy world especially, stand-up comedy, Dave Chappelle has been one of top comic in US. He converted through the inspiration of his brother who had done converting after seeing the Nation of Islam and the inspiration of his long last friend called Salim. In 1998, this smart comic converted to Islam but later he was known getting bad issue due to his controversial content of the comedy because it was so different from his belief

Ice Cube

Ice Cube converted to islam

Ice cube is so popular for his rap and act in several box office movies. His well-known film may be Jump Street series. Ice Cube converted to Islam because of Nation of Islam. He claims that he had cut ties with influential group and he also doesn’t do Islamic ritual but he still believe in Islam

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg converted to islam

He is well knows as rapper. He ever converted to Islam and claim that he joined to spread harmony and peace. He was inspired by the Nation of Islam but soon in 3 years later, he converted again.

Omar Epps

Omar Epps converted to islam

This actor usually kept his private thought and there is no confirmation about his conversion to Islam. Many reports still claim him that he is Muslim by faith since his middle name is Hashim.

Ellen Burstyn


The public knows her for roles in everything from the original ‘Exorcist’ to cult classic ‘Requiem for a Dream’, but U.S. actress Ellen Burstyn’s conversion to Islam may come as a surprise even to film buffs! Raised Catholic, Burstyn began her exploration of Sufi Islam in her 30s, describing herself as “a spirit opening to the truth.”


No matter what your religion is, it’s important to know each other and always set high tolerance to difference of belief. You can pray in anywhere and as long as you are not a disturbance, that’s pretty cool to still earn respect each other. Those people are incredible in their times but sometimes what e should have learnt is not the controversial things but the inspiring people. Muhammad Ali as one of the top famous for its great achievements in boxing world, still everyday give good lights and quotes so there is no wonder when people were praising and keep the order and help for wealth.


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