Top 10 Hollywood Hottest actresses

Top 10 Hottest actresses


While most actresses you see these days are beautiful, there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Welcome to the Top Unknown where we will try a not so easy task, to show you top 10 hottest actresses. So just sit back and enjoy.

Olivia Wilde

olivia-wilde hottest actresses

Starting our list as a 10th placed is Olivia Wilde. Best way to describe this beauty is as a modern-day renaissance woman. With her cat-like blue eyes, deep husky voice, very slender figure and feline eyebrows no one can remain indifferent. She shares the screen with renowned actors while simultaneously giving back to community, which makes her even more beautiful.

Emma Stone


Our number 9 is Emma Stone. She is of Swedish, English, German, Scottish, and Irish descent. That kind of family line just had to leave its stamp on this beauty. Those beautiful green eyes and that look she has just describe her in the best way. Add to that her distinctive husky voice and red hair and you will get a perfect young actress.

Natalie Portman

hottest actresses Natalie-Portman

Next one on the list is Natalie Portman. She just always looks young. Maybe it’s because of her lisp sweet voice and petite figure, who knows. But the fact is that she is one of the hottest actresses. Considering she acted in the star wars movies it is obvious that she is almost every man’s dream.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Ctillard hotest actresses

On 7th place we have Marion Cotillard. Academy Award-winning actress raised in France. Of course, what to expect from a French woman but a dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Since she often plays femme fatales, in movies like: A private affair, A very Long Engagement, Inception, etc… it is hard not to notice her. One thing that stands her out of the rest is a cute mole in the middle of her forehead, and with her expressive doe-eyes who wouldn’t like to go out with this cutie.

Charlize Theron

charlize_theron_hottest actresses

Number 6 is Charlize Theron. Born and raised on a farm in South Africa she has the most natural beauty of them all. Starring in famous movies she just can’t go unnoticed. Even in movie like Mad Max where she had weird short hair but she still couldn’t hide her beauty. Obviously some of the guys watched the movie just because of her.

Jessica Alba

jessica-alba-hottest actresses

In the middle of our list we have Jessica Alba. Let’s be honest, this one is hot. Just a look at her tanned skin and natural looks and everything is clear. This one has everything, dark hair and eyes, tanned skin, and beautiful body. She was also voted fifth Sexiest Female Star for 2002 poll, ranked #12 in 102 Sexiest Women in the world, ranked #3 on E! Television’s 2006 101 Sexiest Celebrity bodies, ranked and Voted #1 by’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2006, and we could go on like this for ages. Statistics just says it all.

Mila Kunis

mila kunis-hottest actresses

Born in Ukraine, and its famous that Ukrainian women are hot. Number 4 is amazing looking Mila Kunis. Most famous thing about her is that she has one brown eye and one green eye. She had her breakthrough in That 70s show at age 14, although she claimed she would be 18 on her birthday, not specifying which birthday. With beautiful long brown hair and seductive voice it’s no wonder she ended up in top 5 of our list

Scarlet Johansson

hottest actresses Scarlet Johansson

Number 3, Scarlet Johansson. Best way to describe her is: every man’s dream. This one has It all. Full lips, seductive voice and the best of it all: curvaceous, buxom figure. Her curves are astonishing and she is not ashamed to show herself in the sexiest way in her movies. It’s no wonder she is constantly on the top lists of world’s sexiest women, and totally deserved 3rd place on our list.

Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie hottest actresses

Number 2 is an Oscar-winning superstar Angelina Jolie. One role that describes her at her best is Lara Croft. While playing Tomb raider she showed her body in the best way. Short pants, sexy tight shirt, boots on her feet. If you add big full lips to that you will get yourself a perfect hottie. Which is the opinion of many men.

Megan Fox

megan fox hottest actresses

And the hottest actress on the list is Megan Fox. This one earned this place with her sparkling blue eyes, long brown hair, and seductive voice. The thing that we all like is that she is often dressed in red and black (who wouldn’t think that isn’t sexy). A huge fan of comic books and video games, no wonder she starred in Transformers. What guy wouldn’t like her under his sheets?



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